About Us

As we were contemplating the start of our own AEA affiliate in Milwaukee, the question arose, whether we were "going to stir things up?" The answer: Yes! 

After several months of planning, another question was posed, "Would you be the affiliate for the state not just Milwaukee?" The answer: Okay... 

We started ¬°Milwaukee Evaluation! Inc. because we recognized the need for intentional field building, networking, and professional development. We are also passionate about establishing a pipeline for evaluators of color and other groups.

Through a series of meetings with several nonprofit professionals who do more evaluation than they would like to admit, independent evaluation consultants, and several nonprofit-based evaluators, we embarked on  journey that would eventually establish the Wisconsin AEA affiliate. 

Our affiliate is a platform for:

  • Field building, including technical assistance activities that elevate the field
  • Networking and professional development opportunities
  • Establishing a pipeline for evaluators from diverse backgrounds such as LGBT, low-income, and non-college enrolled youth

Every detail of our work is reflective of our values and ethics. Our thinking is value-laden as is our approach. We hold most dear the following values:

  • Equity - We believe evaluation has an important role in making society equitable and just. In order to fulfill that role, we must embody it ourselves and make the field of evaluation also equitable and just. Our pipeline initiative aims to correct the unjust trend of too few evaluators of color and too few pathways to recruit, develop, and retain evaluators of color and other underrepresented groups.
  • Integrity - Evaluators have an enormous power and status. We believe that given such power and status, we have to be held accountable to the highest standards. Our efforts to increase the understanding and practice of culturally responsive evaluation (CRE), empowerment evaluation, and capacity-building evaluation approaches will ensure that evaluation users are skilled enough to equally participate on an evaluation team and truly supervise and assess our work.
  • Cooperation - We are a cooperative effort, humble in scale and intent. Whether we use the terms networking, professional development, or field building, at the end of the day we only exist to help emerging and seasoned evaluators to connect ideas and to elevate the standard of practice. We will do so in a manner that facilitates the best cooperation among all types of evaluators.
  • Sustainability - We are keenly aware that for this effort to succeed it has to be sustainable. Sometimes sustainability will mean money but most often it will mean passion. To maintain passion (and the many things that go with it such as blood, sweat, and tears), our work is manageable and strategic.  
¬°Milwaukee Evaluation! PO Box 1854 Milwaukee, WI 53201   milwaukeeevaluation@gmail.com   evaluation.wildapricot.org
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