¡Milwaukee Evaluation! is the
 Wisconsin statewide AEA affiliate.

¡Milwaukee Evaluation! Inc. was started by a group of nonprofit-based evaluators located in southeastern Wisconsin. Inspired by the American Evaluation Association’s 2011 annual meeting theme on values and valuing, this statewide affiliate has three goals:

1. Promote the science and practice of evaluation in both the public and private sectors of society.

2. Provide a forum for professional evaluators
 to network, exchange ideas and knowledge, and participate in professional development activities that promote excellence in the field of evaluation.

3. Establish and maintain a pipeline for evaluators of color and underrepresented groups
 (e.g., low-income, LGBT, non-college enrolled youth, rural, and Spanish-speaking).

Despite the affiliate name, we exist to strengthen the field of evaluation for the entire state. Visit evaluation.wildapricot.org or contact us at milwaukeeevaluation@gmail.com

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