¡Milwaukee Evaluation! is the
 Wisconsin statewide AEA affiliate.

¡Milwaukee Evaluation! Inc. was started by a group of nonprofit-based evaluators located in southeastern Wisconsin. Inspired by the American Evaluation Association’s 2011 annual meeting theme on values and valuing, this statewide affiliate has three goals:

1. Promote the science and practice of evaluation in both the public and private sectors of society.

2. Provide a forum for professional evaluators
 to network, exchange ideas and knowledge, and participate in professional development activities that promote excellence in the field of evaluation.

3. Establish and maintain a pipeline for evaluators of color and underrepresented groups
 (e.g., low-income, LGBT, non-college enrolled youth, rural, lay, youth, and Spanish-speaking) to increase the number of underrepresented evaluators practicing throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Despite the affiliate name, we exist to strengthen the field of evaluation for the entire state. Visit evaluation.wildapricot.org or contact us at milwaukeeevaluation@gmail.com

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Evaluators  working in Wisconsin, please take our Culturally Responsive Evaluation Survey. To learn more...

Co-sponsored with Greater Milwaukee Foundation

October 25, 2017

Changing the Dynamics between Residents and Decision Makers

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